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For Service to Your Country

For Service To Your Country - Updated Edition: The Essential Guide to Getting the Veterans' Benefits You've Earned

If you're a veteran--or a veteran's family member--you know how hard it is to navigate the complicated V.A. benefits maze. This book will help. Filled with insider information, it steers you through the process so you and your family can get the benefits you're entitled to.

Written by a leading expert in veterans' affairs, this invaluable guide gives clear, step-by-step, form-by-form advice on cutting through the red tape--so you can get the medical, financial and other support you've earned. And if benefits are denied, it will show you how to appeal an unfair decision.

You'll find essentials on:

1. Strategies for dealing with the paperwork

2. How to get the right help for medical issues

3. A complete list of little-known benefits

4. Medical centers, service organizations, and other resources

You'll learn how to develop a great filing system for to apply for housing and educational loans...and when--and how--to take shortcuts. When you're dealing with a system that says "no" more than "yes," it helps to know every angle--before you fill out all those forms in triplicate.